Monday, August 2, 2010

My Quip - Quilts in Progress - Christmas Is Coming - PJs & Packages


Well it is August 2nd. The stores have had their Christmas-in-July sales. Check out our Christmas Quilts here at Quilts SB and at Quilts SB Etsy. I have added a new Christmas Quilt Section at the Quilts SB Site. Find the Christmas Quilts upper link in the right-hand corner of the Quilts SB Etsy Site.

And that gets me now to announcing our first 2010 Christmas series – PJs & Packages.

The above inserted image is a depiction of the seven main fabrics we are using in the creation and construction of the PJ & Packages quilts. When I first decided to use these fabrics I really questioned myself that I could come up with some good designs. I think you may be surprised. I am.

The toys and plaid fabrics are from the Jolly Ol Saint Nick collection by Susan Winget through Benartex, The holly on black background is A Call to Joy by Danhui Nai from Wilmington Prints. The holly on red background, my apologies, I cannot find anything excepting a 100% cotton pattern #.15924. Both holly fabrics were used in some previous quilts, Christmas Holly & Coins, Noel Green Coins, and Noel Red Coins.

Stay-tuned and watch out for the first of our PJ & Packages Quilts.



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