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Q156 – June 19th – New Quilt

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Here is Andy's and my new quilt, June 19th.

June 19th
JS AB - June 2017

Our June 19th from start to finish was a drawing that I made that had been just waiting to be made and completed.

Upon seeing Patchwork Europe 2017’s competition statement this is where and why Andy and I decided to create our fabric art June 19th.

““Trip to the end of the world”: Express yourself freely by representing your end of the world, real or imaginary, charming or paradisiac, serene on an island or in the excitement of a big city …Take us in a creative and boundless journey!”

And yes, our June 19th was judged and chosen as one of the 38 finalists of the Patchwork Europe 2017 collection.

This is the 3rd time that we've attempted to enter this competition which is held in Alsace, France. Andy's GG-Grandparents were from Mulhouse, Alsace, France.

The construction of our “June 19th” quilt entry for “The Trip to The End of The World” competition is a combination of pieced fabrics, our strip-piecing technique and appliqué.

A series of muslin strips were sewn together to create a canvas for the base and foundation of the original drawing of our design. Batik cotton fabric pieces were chosen in a color sequence based on our design and were strip-pieced. The completed strips were then sewn together to create the quilt top.

Free motion quilting design was created and we used a domestic Janome 6300 sewing machine for all sewing and quilting. The quilting was done as an enhancement to our design. Nylon ribbon and buttons have been added to accent the intent of our concept.

Our “June 19th” original quilt design is a concept created of many thoughts. We are both long-term-term survivors, and our end of the world has always been just around the corner. We chose Kaieteur Falls in Guyana, the country where Jim's Father grew up, as the background. The Falls are one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. Our arm is reaching out with the cascading red ribbon symbolizing the flow of our blood. The clusters of pills are our life-force. June 19 is Andy's birthday. Also June 19th was the final date allowed for entry to the Patchwork Europe 2017 competition.

Here are some images of our work and progress.

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