Sunday, June 30, 2019

Q160 - Chasing Yin and Yang - CYAY

Good Day,

Andy and I would like to present to you our 160th quilt -

Chasing Yin and Yang.

Chasing Yin and Yang
Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer
June 2019

Red and Black. We both spent our employment careers in financial services. The concept of being in the red or in the black were expectations we would always employ to the state of affairs of our financial gains and results.

Black is positive, and red is negative. The Eye of Ra is the feminine counterpart to the sun god Ra. The Yin and Yang is the center that all things exist as contradictory opposites.

The construction of our Chasing Yin and Yang quilt is a combination of fabric-piecing and appliqué. Red, black and white cotton fabric pieces were chosen based on our design.

We constructed a background of triangles to incite oppositional movement.

To create and enhance the illusion of the Eye of Ra and the pupil Yin and Yang we stuffed the appliqué pieces with additional batting.

We employed free motion quilting for our design. We used domestic Janome 6600 sewing machine for all sewing and quilting. The quilting was done as an enhancement to our design.

Our Chasing Yin and Yang is 30" wide and 46" long.

Images of Chasing Yin and Yan -

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Andy and I hope you enjoy our presentation and posting of our work and details of our Chasing Yin and Yang journey.

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Definitely enjoy,

Jim and Andy

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