Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Quip - Out Damn Ghost!

Good Afternoon,

Well here’s the story with my PC, and a slight delay to our quilting. The motherboard gave up the ghost.

From what I’ve read and sort of understand, a motherboard may hardly ever breakdown, but that there are a number of forces that can cause one to do so. These forces coupled together, in my case, include extreme power capacity, electric surges from a power source, and dust and dog hair. There are a number of other issues that are minor but can also add to the problem. Well it happened to me. Also the kick in of extra power of the faulty external drive further impacted this situation. Solution - new motherboard, and I should be getting my desktop back soon.

It is delaying my design work on the new quilts for the OP Series. Andy’s been waiting for the next design. This afternoon we decided to work on an alternate design using fabrics from some of our previous Christmas designs. This new design will be based on a block pattern called Indy 500 from Kumiko Sudo’s book, East Quilts West.

Just a note, we have now submitted 12 of our quilts for the November 6, As Your Garden Grows Quilt Show. It will be held at the University of South Florida Botanical Gardens.



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