Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Quip – Happy New Year – NC Blue Bargello – A New Quilt

Good Afternoon and A Happy New Year…

Actually have another happy 361 days of 2011.

We’re working a new quilt, which we’ve titled at the moment, NC Blue Bargello, (NCBB), and we are most excited as to the design and work that we are undertaking. NCBB is and will be an adventure of our experience working with quilting Bargello techniques.

As you will soon see, the design of NCBB is based on our two previous quilts, Beige Bargello and Christmas Cosine.

But NCBB is a larger quilt. At first count the top will be constructed, not including the borders or the binding of approximately 6,200 pieces. The pieces range in size from ½” (1.27 cm) by 1 ½” (3.81 cm) up to 2 ½” (6.35 cm) by 1 ½” (3.81 cm). The pieces are cut from 16 fabrics of the colors and shades of blue, green, beige, sand, and white. The combined borders will approximate 12” (30.48 cm).

The inserted images are of the choice of fabrics that will make up NCBB. Please remember that there may be some color difference due to lighting, software, and browser capabilities.

Stay-tuned to the progression of NCBB… Check out our current available quilts at Quilts SB Etsy. Also scroll down any page in our Quilts SB Blog to our Grid. You will see a portfolio of all our finished quilts and wall hangings. If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to get in touch with me via email.


Jim and Andy

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