Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Quip - AB and Pigs In A Blanket


Joyous Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Arbor Day, Wondrous Lover's Day and what ever other holiday you are celebrating this weekend. And tomorrow, April 24th, make sure you set some time aside to observe National Pigs in a Blanket Day.

This past week has been extremely hectic. The majority of our quilt work has been on hold as Andy decided that it was a wee bit important that he have triple by-pass surgery and the required operation. His surgery went very well and he is now on the road to a slow, but unqualified recovery.

Andy's only comment is "Damn... there is only six more inches to quilt on our Colored Glass quilt." Guess he'll have to teach me how to use that part of the machine. And he bloody well better get healed soon as we have nine more quilts in the chutes.

Both Coral Steps and Primary Twister have been shipped and received at HMQS 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Again enjoy this holiday weekend. And remember your heart, when you eat too, too much.

As ever,



Katherine said...

I hope Andy recovers quickly! Glad everything went well.

-Katie Ringo

Debra Marrs said...

Jim, thinking of you and Andy. Hope his recovery is swift and you don't pull your hair out (oh! you already kinda did!) being the caregiver. Wishing you ALL the best. Hugs!