Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Quip - Civil War Re-Enactment Quilt

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In remembrance, with some leeway, we are attempting to design and construct a Civil War Quilt. Gleaning from some of the information that I have read, many hundreds of thousands of quilts were constructed for the purposes of the men and boys who took part in one of this country's greatest conflicts. Many of the quilts were destroyed and many were buried with the casualties. This, our remembrance, on the 150th year, is our first thought that what happened then, may never happen again.

In my search for Civil War period quilts I discovered a photo album online claiming to present a number of quilt blocks constructed during the period. The blocks are not labelled but a search of any encyclopedia of quilt blocks could and may present an idea of a name and a construction technique. From the Home and Garden Webshots Collection entitled Civil War Period Quilt Blocks, the above inserted image is CWQB #42. The construction of #42 appears to be a Nine-Patch block coupled with a Snowball block .

The following construction is a part, actually the upper right corner of our first Civil War Quilt.

Our quilt is not to be a reproduction but our interpretation and design using noted Civil War era blocks. We will also, in this first quilt, use reproduction fabrics. The following are the labelings of the three fabrics.

Stay tuned to watch as we complete the parts and construction of our first Civil War Quilt. This new quilt challenge will be a definite leap for us as we continue to learn and create with fabrics and thoughts from the distant past.

Another point to make is that from what I have discovered a general size of a quilt or bed-roll that was made during the time would approximate a width of 48" and a length of 84". This quilt size tended to fit the size of a cot and it could be rolled up to fit the soldier's backpack.

We are always looking for new designs and quilt challenges. If you are interested in commissioning your quilt please contact us.

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