Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Quip – Hurrah For Google – My Google Accounts Just Got Hacked – Google Was On Their Toes.

Warning, Will Robinson. Warning…

Well happy and good day. I really like Google! Sometime between about midnight and 1:00 am this morning it appears that my Google accounts were hacked. Approximately 200 bogus gmails were sent out under my name about some spurious business opportunity… (Thanks Dave.)

Please do not open any gmail or email from me offering some business opportunity. I DO NOT have any business opportunity or overwhelming success scheme to offer anyone. Please trash the spam email immediately.

As most of you know I always use “From JKLS:” as a part of the subject in any email or gmail that I send out. If the email or gmail does not have “From JKLS:” in the subject line please ignore and just delete the send.

Please be forewarned… and hell I only offer quilts and genealogy, and maybe some sarcasm. Where in the world, or in this Internet and Flea Market, would I get the wherewithal to offer a fortunate business opportunity and scheme. Certainly t’ain’t my style.

Google shut down all my accounts immediately. They came to my instantaneous protection. Thank you Google.




Jim Smith said...

The spam email went out at 12:40 am est. JKLS

Blogger said...

Been using Kaspersky protection for a couple of years now, and I'd recommend this product to you all.