Monday, November 14, 2011

My Quip - Tampa Lightning Update - MQX 2012

Good Day,

I have been in a daze this past week, and haven't written anything to either of my Blogs, Quilts SB or A Genealogy Hunt.

And yes, I can see you nodding your heads agreeing that my being in a daze is just the norm, but this past week after finding out that Andy and I will be exhibiting at both Machine Quilt Exhibition (MQX) Shows in 2012, you can just imagine... April in Providence, Rhode Island, and October in Portland, Oregon. And the Special Exhibit, to be titled "Evolution" will be a display of a collection of 20-plus of our quilts. And you can just picture my minuscule pea-brain working overtime.

Well, the design and construction for Tampa Lightning top is continuing. We are both very pleased with the effect that the 21 fabrics are going to produce. It is appears that it is going to be a large quilt.


Tampa Lightning is an adaptation and inspired from a Kaffe Fassett quilt creation called Lightning Quilt. The Fassett Lightning is composed of 11 fabrics; his designs. Our Tampa Lightning will be a construction of 21 batik fabrics in an attempt to capture the dramatic shows of electric forks across the Tampa Bay sky. As previously mentioned, another comparative difference is that Kaffe Fassett's design is based on the use of templates. Ours isn’t.

Remember the cold of winter is fast approaching. The Holidays are just around the corner. Give a Quilt for the Holidays. Check out our posted On Sale and our currently available quilts at Quilts SB Etsy.

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Jim and Andy

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