Monday, August 20, 2012

My Quip – Hoveround – Lesson Learned

Good Day,

Getting The Pack prepped and ready for their morning scramble is at times quite a chore. Getting them to pay attention, get their business over and done, and keep them all walking in the same direction is certainly a mind-boggle when I haven’t fully awoken.

Well it is Monday morning and the street activity is enough to send one back to bed for at least another couple of days. First The Pack was interested; north, south, east, and west in a couple of cats meandering home from the nightly sojourns. Then the squirrels’ acrobatics in the oak trees heighten The Packs’ concentration. Next the neighbors seem to have all exited their homes at exactly the same time… a suburbia line up at the starting lines.

Three pickups of earlier riser appointments. Next the two riding lawnmowers chopping the week’s growth of green lawns. Now a school bus, empty but for its dry run of the start of the scholastic season.

The Pack is attentive and yapping at every and any distraction, while tangling my legs in the weaving of their leashes. Promise of a great breakfast does not hurry up Taylor, Bella, Tinker, and Radar. And then the topper… The Pack is astounded. The old Dude from a couple of streets over has traded in his three-wheeler and comes put-putting down the middle of the street, strapped into his new motorized Hoveround. He waves… The Pack howls. And I just shake my head. Good morning, and breakfast.

And what did my early morning comic adventure have to do with quilting? Lesson learned – Don’t wear 6-inch heels on one’s Hoveround… But it is just the start of another day into Andy’s and my throes in our learning and quilting experience. Enjoy,

Andy and Jim

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