Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Quip - Test 40 - OP and Bargello

Good Day,

Our first design for Test 40, inspired by the work of Maggie Ball, is completed. We're both pleased. This new design has the essence of our previous OP Designs. OP is our reference to Optical Art. Test 40 combines the elements of OP (Optical Art) and Bargello.

This is the first block that will be a foundation for Test 40. This block contains and is a pieced construction of six of seven solid color fabrics. The colors are extracted from a new variegated thread by Aurifil, No. 40. All fabrics are from Robert Kaufman Fabrics designs and 100% Kona cotton.

When finished Test 40 will approximate a quilt; Width - 70" (178 cms) and Length - 84" (214 cms). Our guesstimate is a Queen Quilt.

As I mentioned our inspiration is of the work of Maggie Ball. Ms. Ball's book Bargello Quilts with a Twist was published by KP Craft Books, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2008.

Stay-tuned to the work in progress on Test 40 and our other quilts.


Jim and Andy

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