Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Quip – A Conversation - Hexi-Abuelita Quilt

Good Day,

Thought you may be interested in a conversation that I had with regards to Andy’s and my quilting ideas and methods. And we always have an audience...

"May I ask what the process is for naming a quilt and what comes first the quilt design, colour or the thought of a name? Just so there is no doubt... I am being serious, I find it interesting."

Not being flippant with my answer, but yes... to all.

When asked to come up with an idea for a new quilt, after finishing Blue Memories, the new owner presented us with more fabric. This was also fabric that had belonged to the client's beloved Grandmother. The fabrics were from shirts, skirts, etc… We were asked to take on another challenge.

Andy and I were then told that the new quilt would be a Christmas present for a great-granddaughter. The requester did like the results of Blue Memories and next asked us to come with a new quilt idea. Also, we were presented with the possibility of incorporating a tablecloth as a part of the new quilt. I thought of the idea of an abstract patchwork of hexagons using the fabric that may have some of the shades and color semblance to the tablecloth. The requester really liked the ideas and thought processes.

The name, Hexi-Abuelita, for this new quilt, came as a function of me keeping track, and a way of organizing the files that I had begun creating for this project. Generally I like the title to give me clues, and in this case - Hexi - Hexagon Mosaic and Abuelita - Granny's treasure keepsakes.

Once the design and colors of the fabrics were decided, Andy and I then try to come up with a template for creating the top. For Hexi-Abuelita we discovered the technique of creating half-hexagons in strips to create corresponding hexagons. To assist with creating the hexagons, we found Natalie Dawn’s 5” Half-Hexagon template, from The Missouri Star Quilt Company.

The next job will be to come up with the quilting design to highlight and accent Hexi-Abuelita. This may take a bit of time, so as Andy is sewing the top of half-hexagon strips, I am working on my PC, and flipping through books and magazines, drafting grid after grid in order to come upon a complementary quilting pattern.

And just wait until you see what we've next been asked to come up... Another new wall hanging.

"Thank You for sharing that with me! I must say that explains why a lot, if not all of your quilts are like works of art! Never even came to mind about the requester having much input. To think how far quilting has come over the years is amazing, but still all the same kind of love and attention to detail…"

Andy and I are relatively new quilters. We, both have a lot to learn, and we are constantly looking for ideas, thoughts, and processes to enhance our own learning experience.


Jim and Andy

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