Friday, October 12, 2012

My Quip - New Quilt - EssbeeCon

Good Day,

Well we're at it again. We've begun another new quilt, and this one is our original design. And therefore the new quilt has the name EssbeeCon. Our translation, as I have been asked a number of times how I come up with the names for our quilts, "Essbee" is our two initials "S" and "B", Smith and Brunhammer... "Con" can stand for "construction".

Here is our first block of EssbeeCon.

This block is composed of 11 Robert Kaufman Kona cotton solid fabrics. It is the same constructed block that we created and used in our original design and quilt I Really Love Lucy. We have developed a better template to create two pieces that are then joined to create the block. The block is paper-pieced.

The overall design of EssbeeCon is a secret, so you will have to stay tuned to our progress.

And thank you to all who answered my call for additional ideas of quilts.


Jim and Andy

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