Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Quip - We're Here with our Quilts at MQX West in Portland

Good Day,

The Oregon Convention Center is huge... and MQX (Machine Quilters Exhibition) West 2012 is amazingly Brobdingnagian. I definitely feel as Gulliver encompassed in a world of displayed quilts, fabrics, threads, and machines. I am thoroughly impressed by the organization of Janet Lee, Mary, and their staff.

And there are a number of a couple of other major meetings and events at the Center. I had to re-direct Andy when he kept trying to register our quilts at the neighboring Future of Our Salmon Convention. I didn't even know that he liked salmon!!!

Our featured Evolution exhibit is ready to be set-up...

Evolution will take up a complete aisle.

Found both of our Who Did Desi Adore? and I Really Love Lucy. Each is set up in awesome displays of quilts of similar categories. The styles and techniques of some of the quilt artists are just fantastic. We have so much to learn.

Tonight is the Awards Ceremony. Will keep you informed and updated.


Jim and Andy


Anonymous said...

Good luck. Look forward to hearing about your experiences there. Ann

Jim Smith said...

Ann, Look for Andy and I at or near our Evolution Exhibit. Jim