Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Quip - Cosmo's Moon - Update

Good Day,

The top of our Cosmo's Moon is just about finished.  And I'm not going to reveal a complete image until Andy and I have finished.  The following image is of 16 of the 30 strips.

Cosmo's Moon is created from two fabrics by SewBatik. There is a story to the reasons and why, but I will reveal that later when we do complete the whole project.

Cosmo's Moon will approximate 60" (152.4 cms) by 60" (152.4 cms) and is more-than-not meant to be a large wall hanging. We are now working on the quilting and examining thread to both complement and highlight the elements of the design.

Thank you for all the thoughts and comments expressed regarding our effort... I really did appreciate "Looks like the moon is made out of the abalone/mother-of-pearl shells."

Stay tuned for our progress and updates.


Jim and Andy

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