Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Quip – Equality – Quilts and Wall Hangings in Progress

Good Day,

Yes it is an overcast day in Tampa and I am at my PC updating our slate of quilts and wall hangings. Andy is watching the original Hairspray and working on the border and corners for our new Equality quilt.

The borders will be made up of 648 cut pieces. The four corners are constructed of 28 pieces. All fabric is Robert Kaufman Kona 100% Cotton solid colors.

The following are six tops of our quilts and wall hangings that we have completed –

     - The Amulet
     - Blumish
     - Blumish II
     - Joseph’s Coat
     - Orange Pell Indian Summer
     - Hummingbird

The following are 16 quilts and wall hangings that are at various stages of design and construction –

     - Confetti Primary
     - Astro-Physics
     - Equality
     - Joseph’s Pants
     - Mauk II
     - Rán
     - Gunta Stölz
     - Batique OM I
     - Batique OM II
     - Civil War Re-enactment II
     - Eagle
     - Just Trees
     - BirthYear Bargello
     - Waterfall
     - Bette Davis Mosaic
     - Damask Kaleidoscope

Check back with Quilts SB for our updates and progress.


Jim and Andy

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