Friday, May 24, 2013

My AIP – Double Entendre – Afghan In Progress

Good Day,

And this story starts about 42 years ago… but you’ll have to tune in again for the details. I’ll fill you in with those details in an ensuing posting at Quilts SB.

What happens when we combine two yarns: Country Rose and Off White?

The result is Double Entendre.

My inspiration is Layer of Luxury Comfort Afghan designed by Jacqueline Stetter. I have six one-pound skeins of yarn, a total of 4,956 yard. I thought that this may be a good challenge for me while Andy is manning the sewing machines and working on our quilts. I have to be doing something and therefore I thought I would re-start my once thriving crochet challenges.

The yarn is an acrylic yarn provided by Caron. I am using a 9.00 mm crochet hook. To date I have completed about half of the inner construction of Double Entendre. The eventual dimensions of the Double Entendre, without the borders, will be approximately Width – 48” (122 cms) and Length – 60” (152 cms). You’ll have to check back to see the final size and production.

It is great having a partner who has the education and degree in Textile Sciences. He understands the makings and composition of yarns. And my hands are getting a very good work-out as I try to recall the knotting process of crochet that I learned so many years ago, in a faraway place.

For the short time I will be keeping my updates and posts on our Quilts SB site. All-things-being-equal there may be a new site, Afghans SB.


Jim and Andy

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