Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Quip – Tampa Kaleidoscope – Progress On Colorways

Good Day,

Well as we continue our work on our new quilt, Tampa Kaleidoscope, we are getting more and more excited as a totally random design erupts on our quilt wall.

108 pre-constructed hexagons have been completed from the light colorway. This means that two sets of three equilateral triangles have been sewn together. The two half-hexagons are then pinned together to create what will eventually be the final hexagon. Andy has also completed the 72 triangles of the darker colorway and is now working on the medium colorway.

I have been randomly, with some sense of color degree composition, pinning the to-be completed hexagons on the quilt wall. The result, at this point, definitely does not resemble the original Tampa fabric print. But, as we are so familiar with the original print we can see what the deconstruction has been doing to the outcome.

The above images are preliminary of our Tampa Kaleidoscope design and at this point in time, we cannot say exactly what the final quilt design will turn out to be.

Once again credit for the process and construction is due to Bruce Seeds and Maxine Rosenthal.

Stay tuned to our progress and updates.


Jim and Andy


Kimberly said...

Dynamic and completely beautiful!

Deano said...

You guys are working fools. I love it. And, yes, the quilt is totally awesome.

paulatorrey said...

This one should be entered in the Houston International Quilt Show!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you paulatorrey! WOW!!! This is going to be a bee-you-tiful quilt!!!! Jeanie