Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Quip - Something Old, Something New - Definitely a Deconstruction / Reconstruction

Good Day,

In 1998 we created our Warhol’s Marilyn. I had found a unique and obscure PC program with which I was able to scan a picture and create a Cross stitch conversion of Marilyn's portrait. Today I'm sure that this type of software is readily available.

Quoting from my previous blog posting "the stitch work in coloring is identical from panel to panel", we, that is Andy and I, were not necessarily pleased with our early quilting work. It seemed that the complete panel did not necessarily do justice to the six Marilyn portraits.

And so we've decided to deconstruct and reconstruct a new wall hanging that will incorporate the six Marilyn's. We are looking for a dramatic background that will combine both our thoughts and quilting learning that we have been able to acquire in 15 years.

Will the change be dramatic? Could be... We are not sure as yet, but we are convinced that we had to do it again.

Progress to date - Qur original 1998 Warhol's Marilyn has been deconstructed. Stay tuned for our progress and updates to our 2013 Warhol's Marilyn.

If you have any comments or questions thoughts ideas please feel free to contact us at Quilts SB.


Jim and Andy.

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sbm63 said...

Beautiful works..I too have got the quikting bug..not like yours but I enjoy it quite alot..remembering the otw and the plays that we did..bev moore (russell)