Friday, December 13, 2013

My Quip – BW 1950 – Quilt Wall Hanging – The Piecing Begins

Good Day,

Eventually, constructed of mini-squares and triangles, our new BW 1950 will be a 24” square. And for our friends beyond the 49th parallel, 60.96 centimeters square. The composition will be, if only with squares, 900 squares. But we are including triangles, and we haven’t calculated the total number of pieces that will be incorporated and pieced.

The new piece, which has already taken a couple of hours, is just 25 squares. All things being equal, we calculate that it may take about 36 hours of piecing and sewing, give or take, to complete the first part.

And yes that is a dime.

Follow our progression at Quilts SB and maybe, fingers-crossed, our final result will turn out to be what we have envisioned.

And I am now thinking about the quilting design that will be a complement to our BW 1950.


Jim and Andy

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