Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Quip – BW 2010 and BW 1950 – Quilts and Wall Hangings – Tops Completed

Good Day,

The top of our BW 2010 is now completed.

The construction of 900 0.8-inch squares, made of a combination of squares and triangles, has been completed. Our BW 2010 was created using 18 fabrics.

BW 2010 is an abstract mosaic that we have attempted to construct using a photograph taken by David Shankbone in 2010.

The photograph is of Betty White. We just hope that our construction and quilt and wall hanging is a credit both to his work and especially to Betty White.

BW 2010 is a companion piece to our BW 1950. BW 1950 is also our abstract mosaic interpretation of a 1950 photograph of Betty White. It is also a construction of 900 0.8-inch squares, an arrangement of squares and triangles. BW 1950 was made using 16 fabrics in an attempt to keep the essence of the black and white portrait.

The photograph is of the Hutton Archive / Getty Images collection. The two photographs and our two quilts and wall hangings span 60 years of an incredible life. BW 1950 represents Betty White when she was 28 years old. BW 2010 is her at 88. An amazing woman.

Now comes the critical point where we have to decide and finalize how we are going to quilt our BW 2010 and its companion BW 1950. The next stage of the project will be the quilting, and we have to choose a quilting pattern that will both enhance and compliment the two pieces.

Oh and by the way the names of our pieces will change. Follow our progress and detailed updates at Quilts SB


Jim and Andy.

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