Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Quip – BW 2010 – Quilt and Wall Hanging – 96 Pieces Completed

Good Day,

Work continues on our BW 2010.

Andy is currently working on the right-hand third of the top. We are attempting to match the thread colors as we piece the corresponding blocks. This should lend for a blend of similar colors between the piecing thread and the blocks.

What you now see is a construction of 96 squares, composed of 81 squares and 30 triangles. There are 18 fabrics in BW 2010 as opposed to 16 in BW 1950. Each square is 0.8 inches square while each triangle is an isosceles triangle with two sides that are 0.8 inches and a diagonal that is 1.13 inches.

I have taken two images using varied lighting. And the scotch tape doesn't count.

Any guesses as to who our abstract represents?

Follow our progress and detailed updates…


Jim and Andy.

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