Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Quip - Sleep Jezebel - Our New Quilt and Wall Hanging - Update

Good Day,

And yes our new Sleep Jezebel is slowly coming together. Andy and I are taken aback at how this new wall hanging and quilt is progressing.

As some of you have seen, the top of our Sleep Jezebel was completed with a combination of 14 fabrics. We're trying to reproduce, with some of our own artistic license, an abstract and somewhat bit-mapped reproduction of a black and white photograph.

The top is a construction of 900 squares positioned into 30 by 30 columns and rows. Each square and constructed square are just 1 3/4" sewn.  Completed our quilt and wall hanging should be 52 ½” by 52 ½”.

Yes our Sleep Jezebel is pixelated from a photograph.  We attempted to break up the image into visible pixels.

We're not going to reveal the actual photograph as yet...for comparison, but should you guess who is our Sleep Jezebel, please do.  Andy and I would like to know if you do.

Here's a clue - It is not 1938.

We are also trying something completely different with our quilting.  It may work, and then again it may not.  And please remember that our Sleep Jezebel, when completed is not intended to be a copied representation.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, questions, or comments please feel free to contact us at Quilts SB.

Check back to Quilts SB or Quilts SB Facebook for our progress and updates.


Jim and Andy

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