Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Quip - Moon Over Bayshore - Question/Answer

Good Day,

Andy and I just received a question.

"I just saw your recent post. Thanks for sharing your process. One question. I saw the muslin strips and they seemed to be sewn together vertically. Do you take the strips apart, cut each strip apart and then sew the final fabric on to the pieces of muslin—then sew everything back together. So, you would lose a few inches from the original design size…..sort of like paper piecing?" - Carole Lyles Shaw

In this case, Moon Over Bayshore, the strips are cut vertically at different widths. (The widths are totally up you.) They are then sewed together to create the canvas, in this 38 others as many strips as we decide the approximate wide of the final product.

Then the picture/design is drawn on the canvas. At this point the piecing fabrics are determined as to what will go where.

Next the fabrics are cut and pieced to the strips as determined.

Once all strips are pieced they are sewn back together again.

We are not losing any of the original design/drawing size.

That's how I came up with the original, (to us), concept of piecing and drawing using strips. It is a combination of strip piecing, drawing, and piecing.

Our Cosmo's Moon was created in the same way. It is funny that a lot of people assume that we are appliqueing.

Thanks for the question, Carole Lyles Shaw.

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Jim and Andy

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