Monday, June 1, 2015

My Quip - Our New Quilt Project - Hope

Good Day,

Andy and I have decided to branch out on a new quilting project. Our new quilt project is named - Hope.

At this point in time all we can say is that we know that we have been inspired by a number of persons...and a thought...and a legend.

I stumbled upon the story of Sadako Sasaki "a Japanese girl who was 24 months old when she was exposed to radiation... and, at the age of 12 after spending a significant amount of time in a nursing home, began making origami cranes with the goal of making one thousand, inspired by the senbazuru legend." (Thousand origami cranes, Wikipedia.)

Almost simultaneously I chanced upon Mike F. on the other side of our continent who has been presenting his beautiful Crane block creations online. At this time he is up to his number 678.

And what a perfect project for our leftover and scrap fabric.

Andy I have decided to create two different size blocks; not sewn 6 ½” and 5 ¼”.  And we're going to try and create the 1,000 cranes.

We are drawing our own paper patterns for each Crane thanks to Quilting Arts magazine; Free Quilting Patterns. Each paper-pieced Crane, from start to finish, takes about 45 minutes.  That's 45,000 minutes; 750 hours; 31 ¼ days.  And that's just the blocks.

The project design is a secret. You'll just have to keep checking back to see where we're going with our Hope.

And our 7th Crane.

If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, and comments please feel free to email Andy or me at Quilts SB.

Also please note that our Quilts SB new URL address is


Jim and Andy

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