Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Quip – Quilts In Progress – Orange Peel Indian Summer


We’ve been asked by a number of you “What quilt are you working on, right now?” “Can we see it?” And so I’ve decided to include a new Quip Posting. And no it’s not a joke or a short story. This new type of posting will be included in Quilts SB every so often just to provide a hint of the quilt projects we have in progress. At times it just may be a draft design… or a swatch of fabric. Sometimes it may just provide an insight to an idea. Will there be any dimensions? Maybe, and maybe not. Could the Quip indicate commissions? Maybe, maybe not. It’ll be a smattering of works in progress. And please feel free to ask questions. Just drop us an email.

The first Quip is of sort-of a major undertaking. It is a paper-pieced quilt and the design is based on one called Orange Peel Indian Summer. The top of the quilt has, give or take 2,200 pieces. And here a quick snapshot of a portion of the completed top.

The safety pins are holding the quilt sandwich together. The fabric that is showing at the upper right-hand corner of the image is the fabric of the backing. Due to the lighting, it is actually more of a shade of blue than the appearing grey.

Check back regularly or drop us an email to check on the progress of this quilt.


Andy and Jim

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