Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Quip – Quilts in Progress - Patience


As I mentioned we’re busy at work designing and creating, and working our series of new quilts based on the 20 fabrics plus that we used in the C&N Quilt. Tonight’s Quip is one that incorporates those fabrics. A fair percentage is from Kaffe Fassett’s lines, but we have added others to supplement the color balance. We’ve given this quilt the title of Patience; Patience as it appears to provide that element in both the design, the quilting, and the colors.

The idea for Patience is from Sushma Patel-Bould’s quilt Bauhaus which won the Quilt National 2003 Juror’s Award of Merit. You can see Sushma’s Bauhaus Wall Hanging at her website Sushma Quilts, at Thanks, Sushma for giving us the opportunity to work with your original design.

The top of Patience has been finished and we’ve begun quilting the 62” (158 cms) by 80” (203 cms) quilt with horizontal lines approximately ¼” apart. Inserted also is my initial draft and design of Patience. If you look carefully you can see the corresponding fabrics in the the upper rows between the two images.

The tops to three other quilts are now completed: A Mazed, Altered Logs 12, and V Bricks. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated.



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