Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Quip - Evolution On Route to MQX East 2012

Good Day,

Evolution, in three boxes, is now on its way to its first stop on route to MQX East 2012 in Providence.

Evolution - 25 Quilts in three boxes. And they are gone on tour from the Tampa in the Southeast, to the East coast and Providence, Rhode Island, then to the West Coast and Portland, Oregon… and then return home to Florida. An approximate total of 8,805 miles.

We will be leaving The Pack, in capable hands, for a while and heading up to MQX East in Providence shortly. Certainly would like to see you there.

Here is the list of our Quilts and Wall Hangings that will make up our
Evolution. It is our visual and creative history of our short involvement into the fascinating world of quilting.

Woven Scraps; Nova Sun; Beige Bargello; Warhol’s Marilyn; Betty Davis Tribute; Primary Twister; Twisted Lightning; AD I; AD II; Rainbow Glass; Patience; V-Bricks; Provence; Café au Lait; Kanzashi; Noël Diptych; OP Ornament; Coral Steps; Mauk I; Born This Way; Twisted Basket; Civil War Re-Enactment I or CWR I; Tetrishead; MEM911; and Colored Windows II.

You can see images of all these quilts and wall hangings on The Grid at the bottom of any Quilts SB page. Just scroll down to get to The Grid.

And now we’ve got more quilts to make.


Andy and Jim

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