Friday, March 23, 2012

My Quip – ‘Ey Lucy, I’m Home

Good Day,

And how exactly do I work through my process of designing our Lucy Quilt?

Well, how my mind works to even come up with the initial idea is beyond me.

The first notion is that I check out a number of graphic and photographic images online and on various sites anywhere in Internetland. And I am always aware of my immediate location when I chance outside to walk the Pack, at any time of the day or night. I also have the pleasure of having my PC desk and set-up at an open window where I can gaze out at the great conservation area that is our back yard.

Check out the graphic possibilities created by the pool screen enclosure and overhead, the window frames, and the blinds’ cords. Also, the subtle curves of the printer, the pool and even the floating mat. And the juxtaposition of the greens and the shades of colors in our conservation area.

But I digress, sort of… I spend some time just about every day, surfing the Internet for graphics and photos that may take my fancy. I am looking for that key that may trigger something visually inside the mixed brain I sometimes call my mind.

And then I found Lucy, the 1944 portrait by Harry Warnecke as presented in The New York Times. Bingo, an immediate thought was triggered.

Of course I may set the portrait as a background screen image on my monitor. I study it for a while. The next step is to break the image down to colors and shades of color. Some time ago I found a Google gadget! that can separate the colors and shades thereof from a downloaded image. This is a great tool, that I use quite often.

Not including the black, 13 fabrics have been acquired, all which will be, all-things-being-equal a part of our Lucy Quilt. This definitely does not exclude the possibility that I may add or subtract fabrics as I progress into design stage.

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Enjoy... Oh and by the way, the Sous Vide-ed Turkey Tenderloin was grrrreat… if I may say so myself.

Jim and Andy

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