Monday, March 5, 2012

My Quip - Mondrian I Update - The Quilting Has Begun

Good Day,

We have begun the quilting of our original and inspired design, Mondrian I. Our Mondrian I Quilt, of our Rainbow Series, is now at the front of our queue.

We are trying to achieve a "beveled glass" effect. Thirty 14” squares, each comprised of 27 rectangles of batik fabric. Each constructed square is separated with a black patterned fabric. The border, around the perimeter creates a gorgeous stained-glass effect. Thanks to Piet Mondrian and our front door for the inspiration.

Our Mondrian I quilt-wich, including the border and without the binding, dimensions are – Width – 76” (193 cms) and Length – 90” (229 cms).

Check out the progress of Mondrian I at the following Quilts SB Postings: Mondrian I Progress; Mondrian I Progress Update; and Mondrian I Quilt -Update.

If you are interested in purchasing and would like some more information of available quilts, regarding costs, shipping, and insurance, please check our Quilts SB Etsy shop.

And if you are interested in commissioning us to create you a special Quilt, please contact me via Email. Some of our Commissioned Quilts include NC the coast; Dogwood Steps; Continuation; and Deer Lake.

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Check out my new experimental format of my Blog, Quilts SB Test. Certainly would appreciate your feedback.

To see previously posted quilts, there is a visual Grid presentation at the bottom of the Quilts SB page. Move your cursor over any mini-picture found there and click to see an enlargement. Move your cursor to the "Q#" link to see the quilt's details. If the quilt’s title is highlighted in yellow or in red, it has found a home in a collection and is no longer available.

If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to get in touch with me via Email.

I'm not sure if I have missed any, but enjoy,

Jim and Andy

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