Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Quip - MQX Set Up and Splish Splash Feathers

Good day,

Springtime in Providence.

Today was an interesting day.. I assisted the MQX personnel to set up our Evolution display for the open Show tomorrow. I was flabbergasted that our Evolution was given a complete aisle of the conference room floor, of the 60,000 square feet total... All 25 of our quilts submitted completed the presentation aisle. It is a mind-boggling experience. And it is different from climbing trees and hanging ropes to display quilts.

I have certainly met a number of interesting and talented people.

Andy took an afternoon class called Splish Splash Feathers. The idea is to use the longarm sewing machine to create free-form feathers. Think of doodling with a sewing machine and thread... You got it.

The Winners, as decided by the Judges, are some exceptional works of art. It is great seeing all the skilled accomplishments. Our Blue Diamonds is on display and will join Evolution after the Providence Show. Evolution will be traveling to Portland, Oregon for the October MQX West 2012 Show.

Tomorrow the main doors, and I am looking forward to meeting many attendees.

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