Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Quip – Who Did Desi Adore? – Quilt Wall Hanging Update

Good Day,

Who Did Desi Adore? is taking on a life of its own. We are both surprised that this new venture is actually is somewhat intriguing.

I am calling this an abstract mosaic but once I tried to mask the actual in-progress wall hanging I was amazed at the effect it has as it is compared to the original 1944 portrait of Lucille Ball by Harry Warnecke. I thought you might be interested in preview of our work in progress.

The construction of our Who Did Desi Adore? is a configuration of 1” (2.54 cms) squares created by squares and triangles of fabrics. The quilt top, with borders and binding, will be: Width – 24” (61 cms) by Length – 36” (92 cms).

Here is an image of the 1944 Lucille Ball portrait by Harry Warneck.



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