Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Quip – Quilts and Wall Hangings In Progress – Swai Mulligan Stew

Good Day,

Walking The Pack, there appears to be twice the number of squirrels and possums roaming the yards and trees. Of course, when I walk four canines; two Rat Terriers; a Manchester Terrier (+ or -), and a Labrador Retriever, all believe that each is the neighborhood’s resident rodent catcher. And spectacularly they decide to chase a rodent each in all directions of the compass.

As I am walking and managing myself as a human May pole, recipes for dinner are racing through my head. Squirrel Mulligan Stew, maybe? What about Grilled Possum Mulligan Stew?

Well I am not into trapping, catching, skinning, and cleaning ferocious wild critters. Guess I’m no Beverly Hillbilly. Nor am I an 1899 hobo squatting around an open fire… Check out Mulligan Stew on Wikipedia. Mulligan Stew appears to have roots, no pun intended, in Ireland.

But I did come across a 1978 Family Circle recipe for Cod Mulligan. And of course, we didn’t have any cod. Just Swai. Vietnamese catfish. Bacon, Vidalia onions, Red potatoes, Carrots, Lima beans, Chicken broth, Celery seed, Salt, and Cornstarch. Great Swai Mulligan… The food choice world is just getting smaller - Irish Vietnamese Stew.

We are in at a pause in our quilting work. Replacement tracks for our longarm machine are on order. The domestic machines and computers are being kept busy.

Here is our current Quilts SB quilts and wall hangings in progress.

  • The AmuletReworking quilting
  • Astro-PhysicsPieced and in design
  • BlumishPieced and in design. Working with superimposition.
  • Mauk IIIn construction
  • Blue ChambrayTop and embroidery completed
  • I Really Love LucyIn design. Quilting pattern developed
  • Who Did Desi Adore?84 of 96 blocks completed
  • Gunta StölzIn design
  • RánIn design
  • Joseph’s CoatTop completed
  • Joseph’s Ladder PantsPieced and in design
  • Batique OM I - In construction
  • Batique OM IIIn construction
  • Civil War Re-enactment IIIn design
  • Just TreesBack completed. Painting in process
  • Orange Peel Indian SummerTop competed
  • Hexi-AbuelitaTemplate chosen
  • Pocket Full of MiraclesIn design
  • Gran’s Reminiscences In design
  • EagleDesign completed and fabric colors chosen
  • Test 40Design in process,Thread and 18 fabrics chosen
  • EssbeeModDesign in process, 10 fabrics chosen

Jim and Andy

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