Friday, July 20, 2012

My Quip – Six Essbee Quilts Go To Delaware and Virginia

Good Day,

A number of Quilts SB quilts have made their ways to their new homes in Delaware and Virginia. It wasn't too long after their respective arrivals that the quilts were claimed and sequestered.

To Delaware, Noël Green Coins (Q19).

To Virginia, Pink, Sister Number 2 (Q31);

Rose, Sister Number 3 (Q37);

Blue, Sister Number 4 (Q38);

Green, Sister Number 5 (Q39); and

BTTC (Q28).

All six quilts were a part of our Evolution -1+2 display… and well received at our Trunk Show presentation at the Quilters’ Workshop of Tampa Bay.

And now back to quilting… and genealogy.



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