Friday, October 19, 2012

My Quip - And The MQX Quilt Doors Open...

Good Day,

Today MQX West open the Quilt Convention doors. And Evolution was ready.

Many very, very nice people... and many, many nice and supportive compliments.

Evolution is all set up and begins with our Colored Windows II... Sort of astounding that two of our Judge's Choice Award winning quilts are displayed on the same Exhibition floor. Thank you MQX.

MQX West 2012 is being held at the Oregon Convention Center... and the exterior glass spires are causing me to think of some quilting design and construction. I'm always looking for ideas.

That is until I saw the two-seater-auto Car2Go. As put be the website... You can reserve a car ahead of time, or simply pick one up spontaneously at dozens of convenient locations all over downtown Portland. Walk up to one of the distinctive blue and white smart fortwo car’s, press and hold your member card to the card reader at the windshield, check it over and go. A different concept. We kept wondering why there were quite a number of the blue and white munchkin-mobiles parked a key locations in and about Portland.

Across the aisle from our Evolution is the phenomenal and outstanding exhibit, The Great Bargello Project. The Great Bargello Project is the construction of eight quilts by four Ohio friends from a pile of 464 two-inch strips and strip sets at 174 inches long. Tremendous colors and and awe-inspiring. Amazing work - Anna Fricker, Susan Hill, Chris Landis, and Mary Miller.

If you are in Portland, Oregon this weekend, come check out our Evolution and The Great Bargello Project at MQX West 2012.


Jim and Andy

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