Friday, June 7, 2013

My AIP – Double Entendre – Afghan To Date

Good Day,

And as soon as I bring out the camera, Radar, aka Ready, must zone in with his detector ears and comes scurrying to check out what I am doing.

Progress continues on Double Entendre, afghan.

The interior top now measures approximately 48” (122 cms) wide and 60” (153 cms) long. Including the perimeter border it should be about 52” (132 cms) wide and 64” (163 cms) long. To date I have used four pounds of Coran yarn and I’ve broken open the fifth one.

Here are a couple of additional images of Double Entendre.

Check out our first posting – My AIP – Double Entendre – Afghan in Progress.

I guess the grey-matter cells stored in the cob-webbed alleys of my cerebrum are beginning to kick in. Even the way I hold the yarn, in my left hand must be imprinted somewhere in my temporal lobes.

Stay tuned for the development of our new site, Afghans SB. Keep posted.


Jim and Andy

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