Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Quip - Sleep Jezebel and Warhol's Itch Return Home

Good Day,

Our Sleep Jezebel and Warhol's Itch have both arrive back home from England and the Festival of Quilts 2015.

The following are the judge's comments. Andy and I always take judge's comments and notes in stride. It is a part of our learning experience.

Sleep Jezebel - JSAB
Sleep Jezebel -

Judge - "A novel approach to patchwork with interesting results - the quilting creates a vivid secondary design, but the work would improve with a bit more quilting."

Judge - "Lots of 'jaggy' shapes here in the piecing and quilting. On one interpretation, colour choice might be described as bland. A worthy attempt."

Warhol's Itch - JSAB
Warhol's Itch -

Judge - "An interesting combination of cross stitch on bright colored backgrounds. An original idea and the pleated background fabric adds depth - however I feel the blocks are a bit lost on the light background."

Judge - "An unusual quilt and an ambitious project. It will create interest at the show."

I asked the following question on a couple of quilting forums –

“Does anyone know of any venue for display and/or competition where the quilt expectancies are not necessarily “pigeon-holed” (if that makes any sense)?”

Not sure if anyone understood my question. I could reword the question to read -

“Are there any open/free-form quilt displays and/or competitions?”

If you have any comment, thought, ideas feel free to contact us at Quilts SB.


Jim and Andy
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