Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Q163 – Rainbow Freedom

Good Day,

Andy and I would like to introduce to you to our 163rd quilt, Rainbow Freedom.

Rainbow Freedom
Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

For over 40 years the six-band version of the “Gay-Pride” Rainbow Flag has been the most widely recognized symbol of the LGBT movement.

Rainbow Freedom’s dimensions are 63 ½” wide and 78” long, just about the size of a Queen-size quilt. The fabrics are 8 solid colors of Kona Cotton. The Rainbow stripes are all constructed of ¾” squares. There are approximately a total of 8,600 ¾” squares.

The freeform quilting of the Rainbow Freedom includes stitching in the ditch throughout the complete top. The beige border is quilted in a design pattern inspired by the work of Keith Haring.

Rainbow Freedom was donated in support of the 30th Anniversary of Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. The quilt has now relocated to its new home in Tampa Bay.

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Andy and I hope you enjoy our presentation and posting of our work and details of our Rainbow Freedom's journey.

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Definitely enjoy,

Jim and Andy
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