This page of Quilts SB will be a showcase of our Inspired works; quilts and wall hangings.

  • Note: Move your cursor over the mini-picture and click to see an enlargement. Move your cursor to the "Q#" link to see quilt details. If you see a quilt that interests you, please email Jim.
  • Note: If the quilt label is red, sorry, it is no longer available. A grey label means the new quilt is in progress.

Christmas Harlequin – Q9

Rainbow 97 – Q11

Warhol's Marilyn - Q13

Christmas Holly & Coins – Q18

Noel Green Coins – Q19

Noel Red Coins - Q20

Twist – Q29

C&N – Q40

Altered Logs II - Q46

V-Bricks – Q47

A Mazed – Q48

Altered Logs I - Q49

Provence – Q50

Café au Lait – Q51

Bayberry - Q52

Rainbow Glass – Q54

Tango 3 – Q55

Kanzashi - Q56

Moon Racer – Q62

P'nG – Q65

Born This Way - Q79

Coral Steps – Q80

Mauk I – Q82

Mystery Jelly Plus - Q83

Colored Windows – Q84

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