Thursday, January 3, 2019

Our Cranes Quilts Update - The Hope Project

Good day,

We've done it. Andy and I have finally completed what we said we were going to do 15 months ago, sometime about October 2017. We've completed The Hope Project, our fabric compendium of 1,386 Origami Cranes.

The Hope Project will premiere at the UUC Octagon Art Center in Clearwater, Florida the weekend of January 12 and 13. The address of the UUC Octagon Art Center is 2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater. An Artists' Reception will be held on Saturday, January 12 from 1 to 5 pm.

Thanks to Madhu Mathur of India, and Marijke van Welzen of The Netherlands, for designing and constructing two additional pieces to join our 48 other Cranes quilts. Madhu's piece "The Broken Wing" is a beautiful hand sewn quilt using silk fabric. Marijke's amazing coat "Coat of Cranes" include 40 Crane blocks which Andy and I created and sent to her.

An accounting of all 1,386 Crane blocks that Andy and I created, in varying sizes of 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-inches, realize that there are 23,562 pieces of fabric in 49 Quilts plus 1 Quilted Coat the create all the blocks.

Nine (9) Crane Quilts and the quilted Cranes Coat are free-hanging and standing unique quilts. Thank you to Cathleene Tokish of Sweet Darling Quilt Shop in Lutz for lending us the Mannequin.

40 of the Crane Quilts that Andy and I designed and created are included in our Cranes Spectrum. Each of the 40 quilts are composed of a unique batik color and shade representing the 3 primary and 3 secondary colors. Each of the 40 is unique, and each is composed of 3-; 4-; 5-; or 6-inch Crane blocks.

Our thanks to Ricky Rodriquez, filmmaker, who has been working with us to create a short video documentary of The Hope Project.

For any information and/or details please feel free to contact Andy or Jim at or (813) 962-2943.

Here's hoping that you get a chance to see visit The Hope Project.

Check out our initial notes regarding The Hope Project at

Jim and Andy
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