Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cranes Project Update - Cranes Spectrum Plus

Good Day,

All Cranes for the first color of our Cranes Spectrum have been constructed. The first color is Red.

All color fabrics will be Batik fabric, from Sew Batik in North Dakota. All their batiks are produced in Indonesia.

Andy and I are attempting to create 40 Crane Quilts to complete our Cranes Spectrum.

Each Cranes Quilt will be created with a singular shade based on the 3 Primary and the 3 Secondary colors. In other words, we’re attempting to compose at least 6 or 8 Cranes Quilts that will represent a shade of the 6 colors: Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; and Purple.

To date, we’ve cut and constructed 153 Crane blocks for the Red Cranes set. These Cranes will be incorporated into the first 6 Cranes Quilts. The first 6 are grouped under the Red.

Our intention is to create an individual and unique quilting pattern/design for each individual Cranes Quilt in the Cranes Spectrum. This is a challenge and should prove interesting.

And if you’re counting, apart from the 40 Crane Quilts in the Cranes Spectrum Andy and I have completed and almost completed the following Cranes Quilts:

1. Not A Partridge (30 Cranes)
2. The End of the Cold War (258 Cranes)
3. Sunrise (51 Cranes)
4. Rainbow Cranes (24 Cranes)
5. Cranes Symposium 25 Cranes, Kimberly Einmo's Solid-ish
6. Vivaldi’s Cranes (20 Cranes)
7. A Flock of Cranes (24 Cranes)
8. WOW! (top completed) (100 White Cranes) 

9. Monster Crane (design completed) (1 Crane)
Three other Cranes quilt pieces are being added to the collection created by Marijke van Welzen, the NetherlandsMadhu Mathur, Rajasthan; and Peg Green, Florida.

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Jim and Andy
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