Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Just Had To Tell You - WOW! - We're Working on a New Quilt

Good Day,

I have been somewhat slack in updating our Quilts SB site but before I write-up our last 4 quilts I must tell you about our latest one. Our last 4 quilts are Espalda, Frente, OPOY, and June 19th. Their write-ups are waiting in my file folders.

Our new quilt is titled WOW.

 WOW - JS AB - 2017

WOW stands for White-On-White. Andy and I are truly excited.

This is one quilt that is our original construction design. We’ve both approached the step-by-step procedure with some sort of questioning and trepidation.

Our WOW quilt is to be composed of 2 pieced block sizes. We're constructing 2 block sizes; finished 5" and 6" square, respectively.

WOW - JS AB - 2017
Initially decided that we should create a quilt panel(s) story with the idea of 1,000 Cranes.

I created a draft design of the Origami Crane on paper, and Andy began the laborious task of translating the paper design to fabric blocks. Using paper-piecing it would take him approximately 3 hours to create one block, and that does not include removing the paper and sewing the blocks together. Translated that would be 3,000 hours or 125 24/7 days just to complete the blocks.

I designed 2 AccuQuilt dies to eliminate the paper-piecing. The time saving per block is reduced from about 3 hours start-to-finish by paper-piecing to about 30 minutes or less using the AccuQuilt GO! cutter. The saved time on created the 1,000 blocks is now down to about 21 24/7 days.

Andy and I decided to “shelve” our work on our 1,000 Crane design for the time being and to create a new one, WOW.

Andy is extreme in his organization.

And now you'll have to continue watching to see our design as it takes shape.

White-On-White because the Origami Crane is one shade of white fabric and its background is another shade of white. It will prove interesting when the white batting and white backing are added to make the quilt sandwich. And here's hoping that the White-on-White stays clean.

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Jim and Andy
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