Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Quip – A New Quilt Experiment and Learning Process – Tampa Kaleidoscope

Good Day,

Andy and I have started a new quilt experiment and learning process – Tampa Kaleidoscope. This is something we've wanted to try especially after seeing the work of quilt artist Bruce Seeds. And Bruce recommended Maxine Rosenthal’s 2005 book, One-Block Wonders – One Fabric, One Shape, One-of-a-Kind Quilts.

Following the idea and both Maxine’s instruction and Bruce’s encouragement, we have started on this new quilt. This is another experience in our quilting journey.

One of our earlier quilts – Tampa Window (Q8), completed in 2009, was created with the Tampa fabric.

This Tampa fabric was commissioned by a local quilt store, Keep Me In Stitches. The fabric design was printed exclusively for Keep Me In Stitches by Hoffman International Fabrics. And we have had a fair amount of the Tampa fabric stored in our reserve.

And so this new journey has begun. Repeats of the print design have been aligned and lined up. Triangles have been cut and stacked in preparation of the creation of individual hexagons.

Stay tuned for our progress and the steps of our process as we create our new Tampa Kaleidoscope. The adventure of this new quilt will be the construction and the design as we are able to experiment and tryout newly learned techniques.


Jim and Andy
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Quip – Update – Equality Quilt

Good Day,

We have completed the top of our Equality quilt.

It is a relatively large top, approximately 88” (223.5 cms) square, with the added borders. The four fabrics are all Robert Kaufman Kona Solid Cottons.

Andy is cleaning threads as our Equality hangs on the deck.

We are now working on the quilting design and as well trying to determine a good offsetting fabric for the backing. Stay tuned for our progress and further updates.


Jim and Andy
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Quip – Equality – Quilts and Wall Hangings in Progress

Good Day,

Yes it is an overcast day in Tampa and I am at my PC updating our slate of quilts and wall hangings. Andy is watching the original Hairspray and working on the border and corners for our new Equality quilt.

The borders will be made up of 648 cut pieces. The four corners are constructed of 28 pieces. All fabric is Robert Kaufman Kona 100% Cotton solid colors.

The following are six tops of our quilts and wall hangings that we have completed –

     - The Amulet
     - Blumish
     - Blumish II
     - Joseph’s Coat
     - Orange Pell Indian Summer
     - Hummingbird

The following are 16 quilts and wall hangings that are at various stages of design and construction –

     - Confetti Primary
     - Astro-Physics
     - Equality
     - Joseph’s Pants
     - Mauk II
     - Rán
     - Gunta Stölz
     - Batique OM I
     - Batique OM II
     - Civil War Re-enactment II
     - Eagle
     - Just Trees
     - BirthYear Bargello
     - Waterfall
     - Bette Davis Mosaic
     - Damask Kaleidoscope

Check back with Quilts SB for our updates and progress.


Jim and Andy
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Friday, April 19, 2013

My Quip – A New Quilt – Equality

Good Day,

Andy and I have designed and composed a new quilt, Equality.

Our Equality is in progress. It is composed of 81 9-inch squares, sewn together in nine rows. The block have been completed and the arrangement has all been sewn together. They are each composed of four Robert Kaufman Kona 100% Cotton fabrics: blue, yellow, red, and rose. Without the border and the binding, the top approximates 81” (206 cms) by 81” (206 cms).  The complete Equality will be about the size of a queen-size quilt.

I have been working on the quilting pattern to compliment and accent the boldness and simplicity of the design. Andy has created unique corners and the border(s) will certainly turn this quilt into quite a show piece. You’ll have to wait to see the final design.

Our Equality quilt is a commissioned piece and we are sure that the eventual recipient will be very pleased.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, and ideas, please contact me.


Jim and Andy
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Q112 – Cosmo’s Moon – Quilt and Wall Hanging

Good Day,

Andy and I have completed our 112th recorded quilt and wall-hanging – Cosmo’s Moon.

The idea for Cosmo’s Moon began last October 2012 when Andy and I were in Portland, Oregon at MQX. We heard that the theme for HMQS 2013 was to be “That’s Amoré”. We immediately thought of Dean Martin singing the song at the beginning and the end of the 1987 movie “Moonstruck”. And the scene we thought of was Raymond and Rita Cappomaggi looking out the window at Cosmo’s Moon.

And I immediately sketched our Cosmo's Moon, on my iPad, so as not to forget the idea.

I took my draft drawing to the SewBatik booth and MQX West and we were able to acquired two fabrics that we hoped would assist with our idea and construction.  When we returned home I sketched a quick pattern with my ideas of the strip piecing.

The dimensions for our Cosmo’s Moon are: Width 55” (139.7 cms) and Length – 56 ½” (143.5 cms). The fabric construction is of two fabrics from SewBatik of Mayville, North Dakota. The moon and the sky are constructed from one fabric, Nuance – Silver. The silhouettes of the tree and the buildings, I believe, were recreated from the fabric Batik-Spray – Deep Wisteria.

Here are some more images of our finished Cosmo’s Moon. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

And the back. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

Work on our Cosmo’s Moon is detailed at the following posts on Quilts SB. Check out the links.

My Quip – Cosmo’s Moon – Quilting in Progress

My Quip – Cosmo’s Moon – Update and Progress

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My Quip – Cosmo’s Moon – And Then There Were 10 – Fitting In?

My Quip – Cosmo’s Moon – And Then There Were Four

My Quip – Cosmo’s Moon –The Strip Piecing Has Begun

Stay tuned for the further stories of Cosmo's Moon. And tonight I will watch Moonstruck and bay at the moon.


Jim and Andy
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Quip - EssbeeCon Going To Denver

Good Day,

Mail arrived yesterday afternoon.

EssbeeCon has been selected for display at "Above & Beyond" at the Denver National Quilt Festival VIII, May 2-5, 2013.

The Festival will be held at Denver Mart at the Expo Building at 451 East 58th Avenue in Denver.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

My Quip – Cosmo's Moon – Quilting In Progress

Good Day,

Not going to reveal too much of the details about our original design for our quilt and wall hanging, Cosmo's Moon… but we thought you may like to get a few choice images of what we are doing. The progress is startling and we seem to be able to use a number of the new experiences and techniques that we have learned in the short past.

Cosmo's Moon is meant to be a large wall hanging… and it incorporates traditional strip piecing with other quilting techniques. Trust us, we do like SewBatik fabric. And we still have a lot to learn.

Stay tuned for our complete and detailed write up.

Some more images -

Quilts SB news - Our quilts: Colored Windows II, Coral Steps, and MEM911, are ready to be shipped to the International Quilt Festival of Ireland. Metropolis is complete and in line for delivery to HMQS in Utah. Cosmo's Moon is in the final stages of being quilted. And our new design, Quilted Equality is now in process. Continue to check out our status and updates at Quilts SB.


Jim and Andy
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