Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Is There Something Hidden In Our Ancestry?

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My 4-times Great-Grandfather Philip Abrahams, was also Feivel Goldsticker, (Goldsticker being Hebrew for Embroiderer). His son, Victor Abraham, my 3-times Great-Grandfather was appointed Embroiderer to Queen Victoria.

You can see my Smith Abraham Ancestry chart at this link to A Genealogy Hunt.

I did these 2 pieces of needlepoint quite a number of years ago.

Andy's 2-times Great-Grandfather Jacob (aka Jacques) Brunhammer was a Textile Designer in Alsace, France. And Andy has a degree in Textile Engineering.

You can see Andy's Brunhammer Ancestry chart at this link to A Genealogy Hunt.

Looks like there may be something passed along by ways and means of familial connections.

Thanks Bernard.

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