This page of Quilts SB will be a showcase of our Original Quilts and Wall Hangings.

  • Note: Move your cursor over the mini-picture and click to see an enlargement. Move your cursor to the "Q#" link to see quilt details. If you see a quilt that interests you, please email Jim.
  • Note: If the quilt label is red, sorry, it is no longer available. A grey label means the new quilt is in progress.

Nova Sun – Q2

Twisted Lightning – Q4

Primary Twister - Q5

Old Albert – Q6

Bette Davis Tribute – Q7

Tampa Window - Q8

Cargo Containers – Q10

Christmas Harlequin Plus – Q15

Christmas Harlequin Classic - Q16

Christmas Day – Q21

White Rive Rafting – Q22

Simple Flakes - Q17

BTTC – Q28

Yellow, Sister Number 1 – Q30

Pink, Sister Number 2 - Q31

Renaissance One – Q32

Renaissance Two – Q33

Renaissance Three - Q34

ADI – Q35

ADII – Q36

Rose, Sister Number 3 - Q37

Blue, Sister Number 4 – Q38

Green, Sister Number 5 – Q39

Mimi's Christmas - Q41

Patience – Q42

Hydra – Q45

Altered Logs II - Q46

Altered Logs I – Q49

Deer Lake – Q53

Continuation - Q57

PJs & Packages – Q58

Isle of The Misfit Toys – Q59

Christmas Packages I - Q60

Christmas Packages II – Q61

Nöel Diptych – Q63

OP Nöel II - Q64

OP Angel – Q66

Not Til D25 – Q67

Starry Nights - Q68

OP Nöel I – Q69

A Memory – Q74

Dorothy's Window - Q75

OP Ornament – Q76

Hidden Treasure – Q77

LPW - Q85

MMW – Q86

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