Sunday, September 27, 2009

Q10 - Quilt - Cargo Containers

As you can see, I'm taking a break from genealogy, sort-of. This is number three quilt, Q10, posted today.

This is another original design; Cargo Containers. The idea for this quilt was a stack of cargo containers, in multiple colors and sizes sitting on a loading wharf.

Dimensions - Width: 89½" (227 cm) and Length: 101" (257 cm). It's a large quilt and can fit into the category of queen size. It could also fit on a king water-bed. It is a block quilt... blocks of various sizes and colors in an attempt to match the effect produced by the mountain of stacked containers, waiting for loading at the dock.

If you are interested, and would like some more information of the available quilts, regarding costs, shipping, and insurance, please get in touch with me at our Quilts SB Etsy shop.

To see previously posted quilts, type Q1 through Q9 in the search box on the Blog page. Alternatively you can click on the mini-picture of a quilt in the left-hand column, Quilts by esSBee.

Stay-tuned for Q11. As I mentioned before there are close to 50 quilts hidden in the nooks and crannies of this house... and we still are creating and generating them by the weeks.


Jim and Andy


David said...


The quilts are great! It appears to me by the views from your windows that you live in the middle of a tropical paradise (rain forest). Looks wonderful, makes me home sick.


Jim Smith said...

Thanks about the quilts. I decided I didn't want too much lawn to have to mow, and the back yard ends where the swamp, aka conservation area, begins. Gonna plant papaya and brussel sprouts tomorrow. (Some different salad...) Jim