Monday, November 9, 2009

Q31 – Quilt – Pink, Sister Number 2


With the temporary crown, see My Tangent earlier today, I made ham and broccoli and carrot fried rice for supper. It was easier on the old dentures, not having to worry too much of dislodging the temporary and then rushing on down to my dentist to have replaced.

Quilt number 2 of the Sisters series is Pink, Sister Number 2. Again the design is our original design and the fabric is available through Three Sisters. This little quilt would make a perfect complement to the already posted Yellow, Sister Number 1. (See Q30.)

Dimensions: Length - 68" (173 cms); Width – 51" (130 cms). The size of this quilt is small lap and accent quilt. All our quilts are 100% cotton fabric and batting. Please note, that the colors reflected on the images differ from where I took the pictures of the quilt.

To see previously posted quilts, type any Q# coding in the search box at the upper right-hand on my Blog page; to date Q1 through Q31. I have also created a new visual presentation at the bottom of my blog page. Move your cursor over any mini-picture found there and click to see an enlargement. Move your cursor to the "Q#" link to see the quilt's details. If the quilts title is highlighted in yellow, it has found a home in a collection.

If you are interested, and would like some more information of the available quilts, regarding costs, shipping, and insurance, please get in touch with me at our Quilts SB Etsy shop.

Stay-tuned for Q32.

Fried rice was not too bad. There’s always left over rice in the fridge.


Jim and Andy

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