Friday, March 12, 2010

My Quip - A New Blogsite - Quilt SB

Good Evening All,

Due to traffic and necessity I have created a new Blogsite – Quilts SB – so that we can just post and update our quilt endeavors. All-things-being-equal having the two sites; one for quilts and one for genealogy, I certainly can hope to provide a better organized presentation.

Please feel free and let me know what you think of the new Blogsite… and the URL address should be easy to remember – .

I’ve transferred all the quilts and their associated Postings from my other Blogsite, Genealogy, A Treasure Hunt. I will no longer be adding Quilt Postings and discussions to that site. It’s also under-going a change and the new one will be up in a short bit.

As time goes on the new Quilts SB Blogsite will be undergoing changes and updates. Our Quilt Grid will be returning shortly. And we have five new quilts underway. Stay-tuned…




paulatorrey said...

You are so smart! Love the site :-)

A.Brunhammer & J.Smith said...

Thanks for your support.