Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Q54 – Quilt – Rainbow Glass


As I promised to a few of you concerned that we had slowed down, I am posting our next quilt offering to Quilts SB. It is hard to say whether this is my ultimate and “most-est” favorite, but I can honestly say it is pretty well up there.

Our next new quilt, and an original quilt, Rainbow Glass.

Can we claim complete originality? Heck no. I mentioned to and posted before that I had based the construction on Marian Eide’s stained glass window panel, Abstract 33. See my previous Quips on June 1 and June 4.

The final dimensions of Rainbow Glass are: Length – 88 ¼” (224 cms); Width – 72 ½” (184 cms). It may be considered as a full size quilt. The construction of Rainbow Glass is of various batique or batik style and different fabrics. Our quilting is in-the-ditch.

And here are the close-ups.

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Jim and Andy

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