Friday, July 16, 2010

Quilt 56 – Quilt - Kanzashi


The fifth quilt of our TayTow Series is now complete. Kanzashi, along with the four others: Provence, Café au Lait, Bayberry, and Tango 3. All five were the cumination of a challenge that we took on - Create as many quilts from a set of fabrics. And yeah we’re finished… with the TayTow Series, for the moment.

The challenge was to take a fixed amount of fabric, and try and see how many quilts and designs we could construct and complete. Well here it is, five. You can see all five at the TayTow Series Page. Press the TayTow Series tab under and to the right of the Quilts SB Heading above.

Our Kanzashi Quilt is a design incorporating a variation on a foundation 16” x 16” (40.6 cm x 40.6 cm) square that I had chanced upon. I found the pattern for the square in Kumiko Sudo’s book East Quilts West, published by The Quilt Digest Press; California in 1992. The author’s explanation of Kanzashi is a “Girl’s Hair Decoration.Wikipedia states that Kanzashi are hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. Kanzashi were first used in Japan during the Jōmon period. During that time, a single thin rod or stick was considered to have mystical powers which could ward off evil spirits, so people would wear them in their hair. With this information we could only title our quilt, Kanzashi.

The dimensions of our Kanzashi are: Width – 61 ½” (156 cms) and Length – 68” (173 cms). Its dimensions place this quilt in the category of a lap quilt. The backing fabric color is a smokey blue to compliment the colors of the top.

Here are the close-ups of the front and the back. The quilting is in the form of continuous spirals possibly depicting the swirls of long tresses. Please note that colors in the images may vary on line.

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Jim and Andy

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